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3 Types of Affiliate Marketing in The iGaming Industry

Affiliate marketing is an effective way to spread the responsibilities of ‘’selling’’ a product or service to the consumer. Gambling operators in the iGaming industry use various affiliate marketing strategies.

Affiliates With No Direct Connection To The Online Casino Brand

In this case, the affiliate marketer has no relation or direct connection to the online casino brand. This kind of affiliate may run PPC (pay-per-click) ads on their website promoting casino offers or bonuses.

For example, if someone is reading an article about computer games on a website, the affiliate marketer may include an affiliate link that links to an online casino. PPC ads can display top Griffon Casino offers as a suggestion to avid players in the hopes that they will log in to the online casino to claim free bonuses and rewards.

A Working Relationship Exists Between The Affiliate and The Online Casino

When the affiliate marketer is in a partnership with the iGaming brand, then they have a close relationship with the gambling service being promoted by the affiliate. Prospective customers can rely on the expertise and first-hand experiences of the affiliate when accessing the casino games online.

The Affiliate Is In Some Way Related To The Brand Being Promoted

This kind of affiliate marketing is for an audience who chooses to engage in sports betting while attending a sports event. The event may display the iGaming brand on banners or sports clothing, nurturing a relationship with online gamblers at the event.

Gamblers will depend on the credibility of the relationship that exists between the casino and the sports event.

Affiliate marketing helps to create a meaningful relationship between the business (online casino), the advertiser (affiliate), and the consumer (online gambler).