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How Gambling Activities Can Enhance Teamwork in The Workplace

The gaming industry is always evolving, and the impact that gaming activities have on the individual has been studied for a long time. Research suggests that when employees engage in gambling activities together, it can help to improve teamwork in the workplace.

The study was led by AIS Transactions on Human-Computer Interaction, and researchers randomly formed 80 teams from 352 individuals in a company. The teams engaged in a game called Findamine, and participants were given a chance to win real cash.

Researchers concluded that teams showed signs of significantly improving their performance with each consecutive round of the game. The game helped to encourage teamwork and cohesion as players progressed through the stages of the game.

It was also found that individuals did not rely on pre-existing knowledge of the game to improve their working relationships with other individuals during gameplay. Participants showed signs of improving their teamwork abilities regardless of being experienced gamers.

Individuals who were new to engaging in video games as a team could establish communication and a working relationship with other team members without much effort. Gambling video games where players are incentivised with a chance to win real cash could be a fun and exciting alternative to traditional team-building activities.

Some gambling games might encourage teamwork better than others. The slots offered by Griffon Casino may be perfect for a single employee to relax and play on their own for a chance to win real cash, but teams in the workplace can engage in poker or game shows online to improve their teamwork capabilities.

Gambling games and activities can help to encourage employees in the workplace to revel in rewarding entertainment while learning to work together in a team.